Stewardship of the natural environment

The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creation… Nature.

When entering the Pretoria Botanical garden it is like entering another universe. You are surrounded by nature. No cars passing by, taxi`s hooting or music blasting loudly. Just peace and quite,  breatha of fresh air.

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When I visited the garden I learned lots of intresting  facts about the Pretoria Botanical garden, it sprawl over 70 ha in the eastern suburbs of the Jacaranda city. It is a haven of biodiversity, the garden supports a thriving wildlife population that includes antelope, bushbabies and mongooses. It is also a prime spot from which to view the annual white butterfly migration.

The garden features an avenue of Bolusanthus trees that were among the garden`s first planting in 1946. The garden boasts many different biomes, including savanna and forest, and features specimens of half of all tree species found in South Africa. It was like a tree heaven, everywhere you look trees were growing providing shade and oxygen to all.

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They even have different themed garden which I could explore, such as the medical garden.

They recorded over 220 bird species in the Pretoria botanical garden. I of course could not even identify one.

Everywhere you look the green grass stretches infront of you, asking you to sit on it. They even have traditional houses which I could explore.

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Pretoria Botanical garden is a beautiful, mesmerizing place where people can go and relax, take a fresh breath of air and just escape the daily rat race we are in.

This was a trip I would always remember and they would sure see me again!




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