Companion species

Who awaits you when you get home? Who is always excited to see you? And who loves you no matter what? It is of course our beloved pets.

Dogs are freshly material semiotic presence in the body of techno science. Dogs are not surrogates for theory; they are not here to think with. They are here to live with. Partners in crime of human evolution; they are in the garden from the get-go, wily as Coyote (Haraway 2007:5). Pets are not just animals they are companion species which are involved in every aspect of our lives. They have a special bond with their owners and they are therefore not only pets but companions.

The story of Juno and Lucas is one of the most touching stories about the amazing relationship between humans and their companion animals.


Juno a Belgian Malinois and his owner Lucas who was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, a condition that impedes the body’s ability to process enzymes. As Lucas’ life continues he will end up in a vegetative state. His father Chester adopted Juno so his son could enjoy his life on earth as humanly as possible. Now, Juno won’t leave Lucas’ side, she helps with his illness and has the ability to pick up on his neurological changes. which allows him to alert Lucas’ parents when he is about to have a seizure or if his oxygen levels drop really low. She has saved his life several times.

The story of the Braak family shows how a dog can heal a broken heart and fill a void.

Mia and her Family. The family adopted Mia about a year ago when their other dog tragically died. Since then Mia has became part of the family. She healed their broken hearts and filled the void the tragic death of their beloved pet left. Mia is not just a pet but a vital part of the family. She is a wonderful dog and provides friendship and companionship to each member of the family. She is always there and cheers them up when they are down in the dumps.


The story  of Anke and Blade shows the trust between a show jumper and her companion.

Blade and her owner Anke. Anke was a very shy girl, but when she started riding Blade she became self-confident. She now does show jumping and several other items where she wins gold and silver medals for her excellent performances. Anke and Blade has a special bond and for her to excel in show jumping complete trust is needed. Therefore Anke and Blade has something no one can explain, Blade is more than just a horse to her , he is her best friend and they take care of one another. Blade protects Anke and allows her to ride him.

The story of Gena and Rusanli shows how a companion acts as a protecter and a friend.

Gena is the companion of Rusanli . Rusanli lost her father when she was 13 years old and has lived in several different homes since. But when she moved in with her grandparent she bought herself a dog and called it Gena. Gena has become her protecter and friend, she is there to help comfort Rusanli and to be there when she misses her father. Rusanli and her Father was very close and therefore Gena plays an important role in Rusanli’s life. Thanks to her Rusanli finally feels at home.


Haraway, D. 2007. The Companion Species Manifesto: dogs, people, and significant otherness. Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press.

Shelton, D. 2001. Pioneer pets: the dogs of Territorial Tucson: a photo essay. The Journal of Arizona History 42(4):445-472.


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